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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  June 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. it's 6 o'clock. another big boat has just stemmed its way into baltimore's harbor.
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that's the enchantment of the seas. if it had come through yesterday when all the other big boats are coming in. it's the star spangled celebration in town town. it's christy in for sharon, marty is at first warning weather. >> it's beautiful. this time yesterday temperature and dew point for two apart. look at that 67 right now, dew point of 53. it's a pleasant morning and one degree cooler than this time yesterday. 77 at lufrng -- lunch going to a high of 80. here is christy breslin at traffic control. >> good morning. definitely two accidents up there in hartford county. the first is route 24 at osbourne parkway. again in the jartsville area, shuster road at north furnace road. take northville road.
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in an ap napolis we have that -- annapolis we have that accident at oak avenue. in baltimore city, 6th street at malt avenue. as far as the beltway, that's still moving well in and all the way around. let's take a live look. everything is moving slowly there as well. also 95 south of mountain road up there in hartford road as well. for the most accurate and up to date traffic information available count on us at here is what people will be talking about today. the nations eyes being on baltimore, the star spangled celebration is officially underway with wjz on board. tens of thousands of people are flooding the harbor. the ships began arriving yesterday, the first a canadian naval vessel. mike schuh is live this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they have floated h in from all over -- floated in from all the
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world. let the celebration begin. >> ships from all over the world drop anchor in the inner harbor for the star spangle celebration. >> i think this is mexico, ecuador. >> it takes my breath away. it's so fabulous with the sailors. >> the ship is magnificent. >> it commemorates the bicentennial the war of 1812, a major showcase of baltimore roll in u.s. history. >> very important for us. baltimore is a very parent harbor in an international way. we are very grateful to have been invited. >> in all 40 tall ships in naval vessels from countries will sail into the harbor. >> it's come because it comes from all over and it's big. >> it's a lifetime event. . >> the action isn't limited to the inner harbor. at patterson park the navy leapfrogs parachute out of the sky.
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>> it's wonderful. >> bids businesses are banking on a big week. >> our hotels are doing well, i expect our restaurants to do well. >> it's a great thing for us, for surrounding restaurants, for the city of baltimore. >> reporter: back now live. you're look ing at my ipad, which was a picture that i took yesterday afternoon with my daughter when we were over at martin state. we saw one of the planes come in. we said, let's go take a look. all seven of the blue angles are now sitting on the tarmac. they're going to be practicing in anticipation of their first show, which is going to be on saturday. they're going to have another one on sunday. the first time ever that the blue angles -- the mighty blue angles have ever visited this city of baltimore and performed here. a big, big few days coming up. don, back to you. >> that show over fort mchenry. stay with wjsz wjz -- wjz for
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complete coverage. we continue to bring you the star spangle celebration. in other news, today the family of a young girl wounded in a south baltimore shooting is suing a gps company. raven wyatts family is suing the company for more than $70 million claiming lamont davis's ankle monitoring device wasn't working when he left home and began shooting at another man in 2009. raven was hit by a bullet. this morning a maryland's man health is declining as he's behind bars in columbia. adam gross is having troublewalking. he's serving a 15 year sentence for bringing banned communications equipment to that island. prosecutors are getting ready to wrap up their case in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. five abusers have now taken the witness stand,
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including one that says he was threatened if he ever told anyone. >> three more accusers took the witness stand in the molestation trial of former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. all of them were younger than 13 when they say sandusky forced him into sexual acts. a 25-year-old man known as victim number 10 testified the football coach forced him into oral sex in the basement of the family home while sandusky's wife was upstairs. the boy who was in foster care said sandusky threatened him saying if you tell anyone you will never see your family again. he said sandusky later apologized and told him he loved him. another accuser testified he stayed quite because he did not want to stop getting tickets to penn state football. victims advocates say it shows the hold a predator can have on their victims. >> it's how you gain trust, how you gain access.
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it's a process of testing how far can i take it with this particular person. >> jurors heard about another alleged campus sexual assault by sandusky with a boy back in 2000. it was allegedly witnessed by a janitor who now has dementia. sandusky sat emotionless in court while testimony was being had from the janitor's coworker. the prosecution could rest its case by the end of the week. sandusky's defense team will get the chance to tell their side of the story. >> prosecutors say they may be done presenting their side of the case as early as tomorrow. in baltimore county the schools are saying good-bye to the zero tolerance policy. they decided to ease back on the discipline policy. it's giving principals more responsibility and leeway when handling serious offenses in the school. the changes to the code of conduct
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will start this august. baltimore city is cracking down on curfew violations to make sure we don't see any repeat of the highly ly publicized incidents we've seen so far this morning. more on the steps being taken. >> the city is opening up a weekend curfew center and it's goal is to keep kids off the streets and hold their parents accountable. >> saint patrick's day, large groups of teens terrorized the street. >> i don't need no one on the air. please just listen up. i need somebody to go to pratt, a medic is trying to get through. somebody has stomped a jail in the crowd. >> a few weeks later another mob of youth takes over this 711, raiding the shelves and punching an employee. >> they gather together and after they gather together they go do something bad.
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>> they go out at night, some kids roam the streets, do drugs. >> city leaders are hoping to help stop youth vie lanes -- vie -- violence with a weekend curfew center. it's go goal is to -- it's goal is to also hold parents accountable. >> it's going to keep them out of trouble. if they take them -- instead of them taking them home they can leave again. >> the center will be open from june 15th to august 11th. >> the city school system and police hall and city shall are working together to support that program. the oriels have a chance to sweep their inner league series with the pirates downtown tonight. jake areta made the start last night. jake seemed to be up for the challenge. he threw 7 innings of work and tied
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his career high with 9 strike outs. the oriels win their fourth game in a row with a score of 7-1. the birds head back on the road this weekend. sunday it will be on wjz as the oriels take on the braves in atlanta. that's saturday at 1:30 live on wjz 13. >> any time a team from battle more beats another -- baltimore beats another team wearing black and gold it's a great day in baltimore, maryland. oriels, give them a huge crowd of applause. ravens set the table, oriels getting ready the clean it off. >> that sounds good to me. >> i was just on social media. everybody is posting pictures of the celebration. >> oh, sure. >> this is a big local event. forget the rest of the country. this is a big local event. 7
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7 -- 77 at lunch on a way to a high of 80. 78 degrees this evening out of the glare of the sun it's going to be beautiful. 64 right now on tv hill. >> gigi you are smiling like a cat. what a -- you know, folks, you have to understand in this business we get to see the worst of humanity. we really do. whether it's me sitting here, whether it's gigi out on a story, don having to read the stuff every day start. every once in a while life throws you a bone and this is a good one. are you having fun? >> reporter: i am. the morning duties are understoodway. look at this -- underway. look at that. they want me to clean. it's a great story but i have work to do. >> wow. >> reporter: more than 40 tall and warships here in the inner harbor all part of baltimore's
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celebration. much, much more when eyewitness news morning edition continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. 65 right now on tv hill, dew point of 53. closer temperature and dew point closer the last few days. a northern breeze, very refreshing. western maryland on the cool side, now 69 cumberland -- 49 cumberland, 50 oakland, a 7 hagueers town. 70 at pack river, 71 annapolis and kent island, 68 objecting hall, 64 bel air, 65 columbia. what an easy forecast. high pressure
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over the great lake slowly ridges, keeps our weather pleasant over the weekend and into next week. midweek next week it's going to start getting warm and hot again. 80 the high today. any morning clouds give way to a ton of sun. patchy clouds 60 over night. tomorrow high temperature of right around 80. saturday 82, sunday 82, monday 82, tuesday 84 degrees. don, take it a i way. here -- take it away. here is your drive across dry are land. here is christy. >> we still have those two accidents in hartford county, the first at route 24 at osbourne parkway and then at furnace and shuster road. take northville road instead. in baltimore city, 6th street at mott avenue. because of the celebration, east fort avenue closed between andre and
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mchenry. only buses and local traffic is allowed. on the outer loop from 83 to 95, 59 miles an hour average. let's take a live look. we have some cars rolling down there, 795 south of franklin boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toy yeah that dealer. -- toy toyota dealer. don, back to you and marty. gigi barnett is for the ron ster. they put you to work. >> how about that. >> reporter: i'm busy, hard at work. i hope they make me an unofficial member of the crew. we are on a mexican tall ship. they sailed in yesterday with all the other tall ships and warships here in the inner harbor, more than 40 of them all to celebrate baltimore 's celebration. this is the captain. good morning. >> good
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morning. i'm the commanding officer. >> reporter: okay. you were telling me that you guys came from nor father following and your next stop will be france. what do you think of the celebration? >> i think it's a great opportunity to my crew to know the people from baltimore and the history and in this case the occasion of the celebration of the bicentennial of the war of 1812. >> reporter: that's right. the other thing too is that folks will be able to tour the ship today. you said it's 30 years old. it was built in spain and then shipped over the mexico. tell me more about the ship, more than 200 crew members. >> well, actually we are 253. normally re
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we [inaudible] that the people of mexico sent to all the different parts of different countries that we visit. at the same time it is a supreme ship. we continue the practice of different mothers. >> reporter: so you have a cadet on board. >> we have 18 cadets, 13 midshipman and 8 gusts. >> reporter: the cool thing is that for the first time in a few weeks or so mexico will get its first women cadets on board. >> that's right. the 18th of june we will change the cadets. we will receive 105 cadets. between those, there are two women. >> reporter: all right. girl power. >> that's right. the first two women cadets. >> reporter: all right. so folks can come on board and see
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what you guys do. right now i have to get back to work captain. it's good talking to you. i have to go polish some brass making your ship look great. so as we mentioned, you can come on board. we are right next to the brazilian tall ship. come and look at the beautiful inner harbor with these tall ships. it's so beautiful here. it's going to be a great day. >> it's going to be super. 8 0, low humidity. this is baltimore, maryland in mid june. we're living large. gigi, thanks a lot. we really appreciate it. have some fun. >> reporter: all right . or get back to work is what you're saying. >> have some fun. we'll talk to you in a bit. wow. i mentioned earlier the weather has really helped out. that rain we had the other day really helped to flush the inner hand outer harbor -- inner and outer
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harbor. >> yeah, nature helped. >> of the little mentions we had a week and a half ago. >> we've had two reporters by sea, we're about to have one by air still to come on wjz. >> a $100 million project is underway at bwi. what they're doing that's going to get you through security faster. that story coming up. >> don't forget it's graduate time. wjz wanteds -- wants to see photos of your graduate. e-mail them to us. look for them as part of a big slide show at ,,,,,,
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and that's our quarterly wrap-up. any thoughts? wow. yowza. terrific. incredible. no, i mean, really, this is so good. that's great, guys. thanks. off the charts. phenomenal. thank you, i'm just glad we're all on the same page. slam dunk. incredible. mmm. i agree. kick up the flavor with dunkin's new breakfast burritos, made with fire-roasted veggies,
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melted cheese, and delicious steak. grab one today. bring on the day. bring on the flavor.
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it's 6:24. a $100 million project at bwi thurgood marshall project will expand one of the oldest concourses to make room for better security and more. >> in a post 9/11 world bwi executive director says his main priority is protecting passengers. >> jury trial is number one -- security is number one first. >> having modern technology is a necessity for airports across the country, including his and is part of the reason why
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revenue from ticket surcharges and airline fees are being used to expand the oldest concourse at the airport, concourse c. >> some of the machinery doesn't fit into the c concourse. >> the $100 million will replace out dated security screeners with newer ones. others have sored into a new form of technology that keeps passengers protected. >> i think that we need the measures in place to make sure that we are providing the right type of security, no doubt. >> these pictures show what the project will look like when it's done. the project will include adding more lines to concourse c to get more passengers through quicker. >> there's a lot of people that come here. it takes a long time. >> usually we start there for a good 20 minutes. >> construction on the project has already taken off and is expected to be finished in
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spring of next year. >> that expansion will make room for a growing number of travelers. passenger records have been broken in each of the last 2 years at bwi thurgood marshall. now it's back to the boats. next up to miranda -- next up this morning on wjsz. >> i'm -- on wjz. >> i'm mike schuh live downtown. celebration continues live when we return. >> i'm derek valcourt where comments sent robocall defendant julius henson may have played a key roll in his prison sentence. >> lance arm strong faces more allegations of using performance enhancing drugs during his tour defrance career. >> still a couple of accidents out there in hartford county, in
6:27 am
baltimore city and volume continues to build. marty. >> moe tocross is making a flash in maryland, bud's creek for years. we're going to hear about it from two of the guys. already in the studio with us. you stay tuned, it's the morning edition and we're going to be returning right after this. ♪
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what's going on? are they not having fun here? what is the story here? >> it's 6:30. somebody is going for a morning motor, hopefully followed by a sail. it's flying the american flag in the back there. it's a nice looking sailboat. >> show us how good you are captain. there's enough of a breeze out there. >> soon it's going to -- amongst all the freighters and tall ships and gray halls, what a great day to be traveling through the harbor of baltimore.
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countrity is in for -- christy is in for sharon and marty is in the weather center. >> it's 65 on tv í hill right now. that's degree cooler than this time yesterday. by lunch 77 on a way of a high of 80. 78 78, beautiful this thursday evening. here is christy with traffic control. >> at this point it's not bad on the major roadways. we've had a lot of accidents so far this morning. in baltimore city, 6th street at mott avenue. because of celebration east port avenue is closed. that's going to be through the night. only buses and local traffic is allowed. as far as hartford county goes, we're still dealing with two accidents, route 24 at osbourne and shuster road at north furnace. that's 50 at sandy point. we'll take another live look. an easy drive 295 at 175. this traffic report is
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brought to you by toyota and your low tal toyota dealer. camry is ready, are you? don, back to you. at the top of the news, the huge crowds that have headed down to the harbor as tall ships from all different countries have steamed their way into baltimore's inner harbor. it's all part of the star spangled celebration a week long commemoration of the start of the war of 1812. ships of brazil and ecuador arrived with a bang, each giving a cannon salute. somebody way up there. wjz and mike schuh is live right now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i was telling you cool things are happening all the time. about an hour ago we heard a wake up call off one of the ships that sounded like a whistle. a few minutes ago about a hundred members of a ship from some
6:33 am
latin american country ran by in unison, probably 50 deep by a couple wide. they're all out for their morning pt. any time you come down for celebration you're going to see something cool. >> ships from all over the world drop anchor in the inner harbor for the spar spangled celebration. >> i think this is mexico ecuador. >> it takes my breath away. it's so fabulous. >> the ship is magnificent. >> the weekend event commemorates the bicentennial of the war of 1812, a major showcase of baltimore's roll in u.s. history. >> very important for us. baltimore is an important harbor in an international way. we are very grateful to have been invited. >> in tall 40 tall ships will tall into the harbor. >> it's cool because it comes from all different places and they're really big. >> it was a lifetime event. >> the
6:34 am
action isn't limited to the inner harbor. at patterson park the navy leapfrogs parachute out of the way. >> the fact the navy seals are here is wonderful. >> businesses are banking on a big week. >> our hotels are doing very, very well. i expect our restaurants to do well. >> it's a great thing for us, for surrounding restaurants and the city of baltimore. >> reporter: back now i've. -- back now live. a bunch of professional photographers making fun of me for taking pictures with an iphone. a little thing came up. look at that. that's just a few minutes ago just taken with an iphone. there's so many things to see down here. i want to tell you that the folks with the blue angles, all their jets are out at martin state airport. you can go out there and take a look at them. they're going to be practicing before the shows on saturday and sunday.
6:35 am
mike schuh live, back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much. stay with wjz for complete coverage of this spectacular event. jessica and denise will be leading our special coverage all as -- all day as we bring you the star spangled is operation. julius henson is spending his first night behind bars after being convicted of election fraud. he was sentenced to 60 days in jail for his role in the robocalls. derek valcourt is here with more on the sentence and reaction from both sides. >> it was a very clean call. >> jewel laws henson's -- julius henson's exclusive interview with wjz tuesday night aggravated prosecutors saying henson showed no sign of remorse. >> mr. henson made clear he didn't see this as a problem what he did. >> in that wjz exclusive interview henson defended the
6:36 am
robocall he wrote for bob urlik and blamed democrats for his prosecution. >> it was never about voter suppression. it was about trying to do something to a political opera aretive who went and worked for a republican who should only work for democrats in their view. >> because of that interview prosecutors asked the judge to give henson an even harsher punishment than the 30 days of home detention given to his coconspirator. >> it appeared to the state and i think the court felt that mr. henson just didn't get it. >> during his sentencing wednesday henson told the judge the case against him was unfair, labeling it a witch hunt, calling state prosecutors evil. the judge ordered henson to 60 days in jail. henson's attorney calls the punishment unfair. >> it's a terrible situation.
6:37 am
it hurt s my heart. i do know that people like myself can always fight another day. i'll file my appeal, i'll go to annapolis and do what i have to do. >> henson was also sentenced to 300 hours of community service and one year of supervised probation during which the skwuj forbid henson from participate anything any election campaign. >> when henson is -- henson has been handed a $1 million fine. hundreds of firefighters continue to battle wild fires. in northern colorado the biggest of the fires has already burned over 70 square miles. it's burning its way into the state of wyoming. over 100 structures have been destroyed by this fire alone, hundreds more are in danger. a lightening strike started this one. new allegations of drug abuse aimed at lance armstrong. the group says it has evidence
6:38 am
armstrong used performance enhancing drugs during his tour de france. here's the littest. >> for -- here's the latest. >> for 7 consecutive years lance armstrong waived the u.s. flag for being the winner of dour de france. armstrong has repeatedly said he never doped. >> we've proven time in and time out that we're clean. >> the drug agency says it has recently uncovered evidence that armstrong used the blood enhancing drug epo as well as blood transfusion, te toast roan from 1996 until 2004. u.s. federal prosecutors closed a 2-year criminal probe into armstrong this past february. the u.s. ada does not have to prove a crime was committed, only drugs were used. >> the drug agency says it has
6:39 am
so former teammates who -- 10 former teammates who testified lance armstrong used drug ares. it says -- used drugs. tyler hamilton is one witness who came forward. >> i saw a good transfusion. >> he told 60 minutes he saw armstrong use drugs during the 1999 tour de france. >> really no difference between lance armstrong and the majority of the people. >> armstrong claims there is a difference between him and the cyclists who were busted using drugs. he said i have competed as an endurance athlete for 25 years with no spike in performance, passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one. >> armstrong has been competing since late last night. he will not be allowed in those competitions because there is an open drug investigation concerning him. this area is in the spotlight for another reason
6:40 am
this morning. it is one of the hottest industries in this country, hot sauce sales are up 150%. jeff gloer has been in baltimore tasting the hottest sauce. he's been talking to the ceo of blare's. you can see that story on cbs this morning on wjz 13 from 7:00 to 9:00. the oriels are looking to extend their winning streak to five games when they play the pirates again tonight. jake areta filling in last night in game 2 of the series allowed just one run in 7 innings of work. in the 7th inning chris davis shattered his bat but still got to homer. they can sweep pittsburgh out of town with another win tonight. then the oriels are back on the road for more inner league play. sunld it will be on wjz -- sunday it will be on wjz.
6:41 am
see the birds taking on the braves saturday afternoon live at 1:30 on wjz 13. >> the ravens set the table, the oriels are about the clean it off. pittsburgh has not had a good year when it comes to playing ball teams from baltimore. >> that's a good thing. >> that's a simple pleasure right there. any time we beat any creatures wearing black and gold it's a banner day for baltimore, maryland. there you go. let's take a look at the shot from the harbor cam. it's kind of looking down at the tall ship. everybody starting their morning drills, morning exercises. gigi barnett was just with us on the mexican tall ship. everybody was cleaning the brass, working on the wood decks. those are really labor intensive boats. >> this is the last world tour for that ship. >> is it really?
6:42 am
>> it's going to be retired after this. >> that's beautiful vessel. >> yeah . i think they got another one to take its place. >> i hope it goes into a ♪ [ music ] museum. >> i'm sure they will find -- >> i hope it goes to a museum. >> i'm sure they will find a good use for it. any morning clouds giving way to a ton of sun with a high of 80. coming up on coffee with, this weekend it's motorcross back at bud's creek. bud's creek is great. two of the riders from joe gibbs racing is going to be joining us after the break. we have christy with traffic control. first warning weather and more coming up next. stay with us.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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65 right now. 65% humidity, a northern breeze at 8. pleasant here, cool out in western maryland, 52 and 53 oakland and cumberland, of 2
6:46 am
elkin, the -- 62 elkin. pack river 70, 71 annapolis, 65 columbia. in the upper 50s around greater westminster. weather is so simple. big dome of great lakes high pressure slowly transfers to the east coast. as it moves offshore by midweek next week we will get hot and human again. -- hot and humid again. today going for a hey of 80. -- for a high of l 80. 6 #0 0 is your over night -- 6 oh is dwlour over -- 60 is your over night low. beautiful saturday statewide 82. sunday 82, monday 82, tuesday sunny and 84. don, take it away. your rush right now from christy breslin. >> good morning. busy ride on the west side of the outer loop.
6:47 am
traffic definitely is slowing down quite a bit from security boulevard around to edmond son avenue. southbound 295 stop and go from randall mills over to 62. shuster road and north furnace, there's a wraek -- wreck there. let's take a live look. you can see some slow traffic on the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your low local -- local toy yea that dealer -- toyota dealer. don and marty, back to you. davi millsaps, kyle regal back. new daddy, son 2 weeks old today. >> thank you. >> no wonder your eyes are red. >> his eyes are red because he's still on west coast time.
6:48 am
. >> he got here at 2 a.m. >> are you serious is this >> i -- are you serious? >> i did. >> i flew in from california yesterday. >> i've been on social media watching people putting up their shots of the celebration and everything that's going on and the bicentennial of 1812. i've seen more than one posting, a lot of folks are coming in and combining celebration and going to bud's creek. this motorcross event is huge. >> i don't know anything about it to be honest with you expect for bud's creek. obviously we come here once a year and it's big for us and for joe gibbs. i like it. >> you draw a big crowd. >> huge . >> the weather is going to be great. there's going to be a lot of folks down there. it's a big event. we talk about the economic impact of the celebration. we get down to southern maryland to bud's creek, the economic impact of the motorcross is big. if you're not familiar, this is to
6:49 am
motorcycles who the i rl race will be to baltimore on labor day. this is a huge economic deal. >> it really is. >> i have a question for you. are are there kav lar cups involved in this? >> no. >> no ? >> no. >> sure guts and determination? >> it would be ackward. >> i'm just curious about safety equipment. i guess we just proved you correct, you've had a son two weeks ago. >> and his knees are good. . >> how did you get into this? >> actually my sister got a bike, she's a little bit older than i am. i got her hand me down bike and been going every since then. >> wow. >> i'm going to ask you both this question. like my athlete, do you just kind of have to have this from birth? is this something you can learn and get great at or do you just have to have it? >> well, i say both.
6:50 am
look at mcgraph who started at 16 and became one of the greatest of all times. you know, for me i started when i was 3. i'm now 24. i think it varies for each person. >> at 3 you were the craziest buy on your big wheel? >> dirt bike. >> don't you remember when we had travis here when he was 6 years old. >> yeah. >> he was like 6. what are your thoughts? do you just have it? is there just a thing that you have? >> no. i wouldn't really think so personally me because i grew up with a girl beating me my whole life. growing up to an older sister that's faster than you. >> i was the same way. >> is your sister still involved? >> no, she doesn't race anymore. >> so you're winning now. >> she went the opposite route. she went from getting hurt. >> interest
6:51 am
ing news. you got it in the family. it's all living good. how many motorcross -- how many races do you guys do a year? >> we do 17 super cross races and then 12 out doors. >> gosh, that's a lot. this is such a physical event. >> you've done bud's creek before. have you? >> no, done it two years ago and the year before that. >> supposed to be quite a course. >> it's such a physical event though. i mean, what kind of training do you do for this deal? what do you do for legs? >> i've been riding bicycles for my legs and stuff. as far as everything else goes, we do -- i do a little bit of gym work, yeah, and do some more cross fit type training to get faster reaction and stuff like that. >> really? that's interesting. >> do you do anything like that? >> yeah, same type of stuff. >> for reaction? >> yeah, it's a --
6:52 am
>> what do you do? what is one of your reaction exercises? >> you know, the fast movement, fast switch exercises just to get your fast switch fibers going in your muscles and stuff so on your bike you can act faster. the more muscle you build the slower you are as far as moving wise. >> so unlike a baseball player you don't want to get buffed up and lose your flexibility. >> i'm not looking to be labron james. i like to stay kin sni. >> got -- skinny. >> got you. >> any other exercises for reaction time? >> i mean, riding the dirt bike. >> okay. >> you got to practice. >> you don't go to the beach and play whack a mole or anything like that. >> whack a mole. beautiful. >> you will be talking about this one today. our time has run short. it's bud's creek
6:53 am
this weekend. bud's, you can find out all the information. like i said, there's a bunch of people posting they're coming in town and making the part of their event. it's great to have you guys back. let's do it again next year. congratulations. what's your son's name? >> dane. >> your wife can watch this on >> she's sleeping right now. it's only 3:00. >> when she wakes up this afternoon, do you want to blow her a kiss, tell her you love her and when you get home you will change all the diapers. >> i will make it home for father's day. hopefully we can do something cool. . >> i told him our trick of changing every diaper. >> do it now. >> i do everything i can, whether it's one diaper, two diapers, three diapers, four diapers, it doesn't matter but i sleep through the night. >> change them all now and when it turns to solid food join a bowling league or something. >> got it. >> listen , we have to take a
6:54 am
break. christy has traffic control, first warning weather, we are live all over the celebration this morning. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:55 am
6:56 am
3 minutes until 7:00. here come your updates from christy and marty. >> let's take a look at the forecast today. don't bury the leaf. it's going to be beautiful again. any morning clouds, there's just a few out there, it will give with way to a ton of sun with a high of 80. here is christy. well, a couple of delays,
6:57 am
slow southbound 795 from owings mills to the beltway. let's take a look at the beltway at old,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 am
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